Philosophy & Mission

At Bay Knoll Preschool  ., We provide a safe and educational environment that includes various learning experiences that nurture a child’s cognitive, physical, and social/emotional development.  Research shows us how important these early years are and we are here to help children prepare for their many years of education to come. We are an inclusive school that accepts children of various abilities and offer a small class setting where teachers can spend more individual time with each student. Our program is licensed through the Monroe County Office of Children and Family Services.

We believe that our students’ families are the most important influence in their growth and development, which is why teachers plan lessons and activities that bridge experiences between home and school to support better learning. Families are always welcome to participate in the classroom, special holiday events, and on field trips. We understand that it may be difficult for families to get time off from work to participate at school, so teachers at Bay Knoll Preschool update families frequently with their child’s progress and skills being taught in the classroom. This way parents can incorporate at home what their child is learning at school in their day to day lives.  With the help of families, we encourage each student to become motivated, confident life-long learners.

Bay Knoll Preschool is operated under a non-profit organization called Spring Street Community Care & Recreation Inc.