We build our curriculum upon a strong character development program. Students learn about friendship, respect, honesty, kindness, and resolving social conflicts in appropriate ways through lessons and social interactions with peers. We provide a literacy enriched environment that creates opportunities for students to develop their language skills. Music and art are incorporated in the activities and lessons we teach daily. Our curriculum is designed to be flexible so that lessons meet each individual child where they are developmentally while challenging them to grow. Students’ are assessed throughout the year to track their individual growth and development. Throughout the year, we will adjust our teaching based on the children’s needs and interests to help them continue to develop confidence and a high self-esteem. We respect the diverse cultures and traditions in our community and encourage students to show kindness, love, and respect for others.

Benefits of Preschool Education

  • Develops social skills with peers.
  • Introduces beginning math and literacy skills.
  • Develops self-esteem and self-control.
  • Prepares students for kindergarten expectations.
  • Provides Educationally based activities.
  • Tracks students' cognitive, physical, and social/emotional progress.
  • Provides a structured learning environment.
  • Encourages creativity and discovery through play.